Sunday, 25 February 2018

Trump On Fox Savages 'Leaker' Schiff Who Has 'Probably' Done Something 'Illegal''

President Donald Trump phoned in a rambling, virtually non-stop talk with Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News program Saturday night, calling the newly released Democratic intelligence memo a “nothing,” and blasting Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as a “total phony” and a “bad guy” who has done something “probably illegal.”
Nearly each time Pirro tried to speak, Trump bulldozed right over her.
Trump patted himself on the back as a “champion” of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” But he also pledged in the wake of the shooting this month at a Parkland, Florida, high school that killed 17 people to stiffen background checks (he rolled back checks for the mentally ill just last year). He predicted a bill would emerge in Congress addressing guns that would be “getting rid of certain things and keeping other things.”
“Somebody’s who’s mentally ill should not have a gun,” he said.
He said what happened at the Florida school “would have been a whole different story” if “brave” football coach Aaron Feis, killed protecting children, had been packing a gun. “He’d be alive today,” Trump said.
Had 15 percent or 20 percent of the teachers been armed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Trump also said, the gunman “would never have run into the building if he thought that bullets were going to come flying back into him.”
He said “gun-free zones are very dangerous because the bad guys love gun-free zones.”
Trump slammed the memo released Saturday by the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, led by Schiff, to debunk claims by a GOP memo that the FBI abused its power during an investigation into former Trump campaign official Carter Page. 
“Certainly the memo was a nothing,” Trump said of the Democratic document, adding that it was a “confirmation” of the GOP memo.
“That’s a very bad document for their side,” he added. As for Rep. Devin Nunes(R-Calif.), who was responsible for the Republican memo, “I really think someday he’s going to be greatly honored for his service ... he’s been very, very brave,” Trump added. 
The president leveled multiple insults at Schiff, calling him a liar, a likely law breaker and a “bad guy.” 
As for his hoped-for military parade, Trump said: “I’d like to have a parade. A lot of the generals would like to have a parade to celebrate what we’re doing.”
As to when the parade might occur, he mentioned July 4th or Veteran’s Day as possible dates.
He added that “our military was very depleted; it was going in the wrong direction” before he took office.
Democrats, he said, “don’t care so much about the military, sadly.”
One other important point: “We have to bring the country together,” Trump said after savaging Schiff in particular and Democrats in general. “We have to come together as a nation.”

A Son Plotted to Have His Parents Killed—So They Went Along With It to Get Him Arrested

Police in Russia have arrested the son of a wealthy family who tried to have his parents killed. Instead, the parents turned the tables on him, playing dead and covered in blood in pictures as if the hit the son had ordered went ahead.
According to reports in the Russian media, the 22-year-old man, who has not been named, was caught after he began making inquiries locally for a hitman to kill his parents in the hopes of cashing in early on the inheritance. He later confessed to police he had plotted their murder for some time, choosing to put out the hit because all his other attempts had ended without success. 
The young man approached a friend to ask if he knew where to find a hitman, but the friend immediately informed the parents. The family then alerted the authorities, who assigned an undercover officer pose as an assassin for hire. 
The suspect supplied the officer with a map of his home, the details of where security cameras were, and even briefed him on the family dog. The son would pay the hitman the equivalent of $53,000, to be delivered once he provided photographic evidence of the killings.

The required photographs were arranged with the help of the parents, who agreed to pose for the police in their family home, appearing dead and covered in fake blood.
When the 22-year-old was shown the gruesome photos, which have now been made public, he was reportedly enthusiastic, meeting the police officer in the back seat of a car to hand over the cash. As soon as the transaction was complete, officers pounced on the car, arresting the suspect. 
Although he has been living separately from his parents for some time, the man was neither working nor studying, and local media reported that he had made several amateur attempts to kill his family for their money before resorting to a hired hit.   
A 22-year-old man has been arrested for trying to kill his wealthy parents in the resort city of Sochi, Russia (above). The son had made several amateur attempts to kill his family for their money before resorting to a hired hit. FRANCOIS XAVIER MARIT/AFP/Getty Images
In one instance, he was reported to have filled a kettle with an assortment of pills in hopes they would kill the family when they drank from it. The father of the family noticed the strange taste of the tea and discarded the water, foiling the plot. Another time, the son tried breaking a small mercury thermometer in his father’s car, thinking the resulting fumes would be enough to kill him. They were not. 
On a third attempt, he went to his parents' home with the intention of killing them but found they had visitors and got cold feet.

There’s A Secret Government Pyramid In North Dakota (14 Pics)

This pyramid might look like something straight out of a late night sci-fi apocalypse movie, but it’s actually the real deal and is located in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota (and we do mean nowhere – its location is simply listed as ”Northeast of Tactical Road; southeast of Tactical Road South”). The mysterious looking structure is part of the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in Cavalier County, North Dakota and a military building that few ever see.The photos taken by photographer Benjamin Halpern are from the Library of Congress and show the massive structure that served as the site’s missile control building – so you know that whatever was (or is) going on inside was top secret.
The complex was the United States’ first operational ABM (anti-ballistic missile) defense system, and was put into operation in the early 1970s to defend missiles based at Grand Forks Air Force Base, in the event of a nuclear ICBM attack by the Soviet Union or China. The complex had a self-sustaining water supply system that is still in operation, though its function as a missile defense base has been defunct since 1976.It’s certainly one of the coolest-looking structures that we never knew existed, with a very similar look to the Mayan pyramids. There’s actually very little information on the use of the complex since its closure was publicly announced, which of course means that conspiracy theories about its goings-on abound.Doomsday base, secret military command unit, or just a forgotten North Dakota relic? It’s anyone’s guess.

40 Of The Coolest Things To Have Ever Been Caught On Camera

1. Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey.
2. These clouds are called Morning Glory. This picture was taken in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Australia.

3. In one city in Brazil, this is the separation between the poor and wealthy.

4. This bridge is located in Shandong, a Chinese Province, which is located across the Gulf of Jiaozhou. The bridge is the longest sea bridge in the world, measuring 22 miles long and is eight car lanes wide.

5. This is the border between Belguim and the Netherlands. This picture is taken in Belguim outside a cafe located in the Netherlands.

6. Population 1! This is found in Buford, WY along Interstate 80.

7. Located in Vienna, this is the highest chained carousel in the world! It is 383 feet tall!!!

8. Emerald Lake is located in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. It’s located in the crater of an extinct volcano!

9. Dubai! Need I say more! The height of these buildings get as tall as 163 floors.

View looking down.

10. What an adorable family picture! Not too many families could get a photo like this!

11. Flathead Lake, Montana! The water is so clear you can see right to the bottom.

12. A video game store in Paris. Hard to believe that this floor is actually flat.

13. This is Floor 103 in Chicago, Illinois. What a crazy view!

14. This is what it looks like from the outside.

15. This is a picture of fog that completely covered the city of Sydney, Australia.

16. This phenomenon is known as Danxia landform. It can be found in China in several different places. This particular one is found in Zhangye, Province of Gansu. The color is due to the accumulation of red sandstone and other rocks over millions of years.

17. This is the Happy Rizzi House found in Brunswick, Germany.

18. This is by far one of the craziest airports I have EVER seen! This is the Gilbraltar Airport.

19. Found on the Isle of Lamu in the Indian Ocean. Looks like paradise.

20. Autumn is here!

21. A lighthouse in Mare, France. I don’t think I’d be willing to be this lighthouse guard.

22. A monument in Kaunas, Lithuania shown during the day and evening.

23. The airport on the Maldives. This is an artificial island found in the Indian Ocean.

24. Marcus Levine is an artist whose work can be found in galleries in London. He starts off with a white wooden panel, then hammers nails into it making it into beautiful pieces of art.

25. Two times a year, if you’re lucky enough, you can see approximately 10,000 Gulf of Mexico Sting Rays migrate. They go from the Yucatan Peninsula to  Florida in the spring, then head back in the fall.

26. This restuarant is amazing. Located in Zanzibar, you can access it by foot or by boat depending on the tide.

27. A moon-shaped building in Dubai.

28. A river over a river. This is the Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany.

30. A desert filled with Phacelia, also known as Scorpion Weed. These only bloom once every several years.

31. How would you like to work here? These are the offices of Selgas Cano located in Madrid.

32. In the town of Skagen, which is located on the northernmost point of Denmark, you can see where the Baltic & North Seas meet. The two tides cannot merge together because they are different densities.

33. A very remarkable bridge found in Seoul, South Korea. It’s called the Banpo Bridge.

34. This statue was created by Bruno Catalano and is located in France. It made me do a double-take.

35. The longest traffic jam in the world! This happened in China and was 161 mile long!

36. A forest located in Gryfino, Poland. They are unsure what is making the trees grow at this angle.

37. A storm caught on camera in Montana.

38. An amazing tunnel found in Sequoia National Park, California.

39. This is called Thor’s Well and is found in Cape Perpetua, Oregon. This is happening due to a moderate tide and strong surf.

40. A sunset caught perfectly while inside of a wave.